The Beatles Again

As a young reporter, I had the joy of meeting John, Paul, George and Ringo, (and Derek Taylor, Cynthia Lennon, the NEMS people, Murray the K, Sid Bernstein and Brian Epstein), going to the London premiere of Help! and seeing them perform several times, including twice at Forest Hills Stadium, twice at Shea Stadium, and at the only concert that we could actually hear them singing clearly above the screams, at NY's Paramount Theatre in a Cerebral Palsy Benefit, opened by Steve and Eydie Gorme... I covered their filming and tours for TEEN HERALD, a forerunner of Rolling Stone magazine.

THE BEATLES changed music forever and they helped to bring us out of our mourning for John F. Kennedy.

Living on Manhattan's Upper West Side near the Dakota, my friends and I were devasted by John's senseless death, near what is now Strawberry Fields in Central Park. I wrote several columns titled "Just Imagine... Gentle John...".

But the BEATLES never really stopped being a part of us all of us.... Now, 25 years after they last performed together, in a way, they are back together. Back to give us something very special. Enjoy these links and more to come, including our own tribute. Email us and share your feelings..and check back here soon!